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Codes are available for Mobile Legends adventure, allowing you to get free rewards. But how do we use it?

Mobile Legends Adventure is a mobile strategy RPG game, in which you will have the opportunity to collect and play more than 100 different heroes with whom you will engage in different game modes.

With a quick start and a very educational introductory tutorial, starting your adventure in Mobile Legends: Adventure is fun. With daily rewards and quests, your progress in the game is smooth and you can start getting superheroes quickly. But you can too Use tokens to get benefits in the game !

How to redeem codes in Mobile Legends Adventure?

to Redeem codes in Mobile Legends Adventure And try to get free benefits in the game, it is not easy because the button is a little hidden and there are two different types of icons! Find below the steps to follow to use the codes obtained for the Mobile Legends adventure.

Use Mirage Codes

  • Go to the “Events” tab on the left of the main screen
  • Then stay in the “Mirage Code” tab
  • Enter your code in the fill-in field and verify it is correct

Use CD-KEY Codes

  • Go to the “Events” tab on the left of the main screen
  • Then choose the “Ad” tab at the bottom
  • Click “Recover CD Key” on the left
  • Enter your key and validate

With these different steps, you can use all the tokens of your choice in the game!

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