How to protect and hide your IP address on the Internet (VPN, anti-tracking software …)

To protect your privacy on the Internet, there are several technologies, which allow you to hide your digital fingerprint or your IP address to hide your identity, using a VPN or anti-tracking software online.

Although we talk a lot about the anonymity that the internet provides, Browsing the web is nothing but anonymous. Behind your connection there is an IP address, cookies from your web browser and lots of data that may be enough to identify you, and even to create a fairly accurate profile of your browsing habits. Websites follow you, not necessarily for malicious reasons at the base: to recognize you when connecting to your account on a commercial site or social network, the use of cookies is essential. However, this tracking can become intrusive when it is created by service providers located in many commercial sites, who can thus “track” you from one site to another. Today’s web browsers offer an “incognito” mode, but this is rarely enough, given that a large amount of data now makes it possible to rebuild your digital footprint.

Why hide and protect your IP address on the Internet?

Among the data that can identify you accurately and even personally, there is clearly an IP address. On the Internet, every device connected to the network contains an IP address, which is a unique identifier made up of 4 numbers separated by periods (such as This IP is unique, it allows you to go directly to your computer, know that you are actually connected to a site, and see which site you are calling from as well. For the sake of transparency and because you have nothing to hide in advance, you might think that displaying this IP address in all circumstances is necessary. However, there are several instances where you want to hide it. And it starts with the most obvious: You don’t necessarily want to be returned to who you are, for whatever reason. Maintaining anonymity can be important if you do not want your ISP, business owner, or anyone to know that you are visiting a particular website. Hiding your IP address and browsing on an encrypted connection also protects yourself from intrusions, especially on insecure connections like public Wi-Fi networks that hackers can exploit, or even be created by them. Finally, the IP address is also related to your geographic location on the network. This website may be used by the services to restrict your access to certain content. By calling an IP address from a country other than your own, you are bypassing these restrictions.

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VPN, AntiTrack: The Solution to Hide and Protect Your IP?

to Protect your anonymity On the Internet and hiding your IP address, the best way is to go through a VPN. These increasingly popular services use virtual private tunneling technology, which creates an encrypted “tunnel” between you and the site you visit. For example, VPNs are used in businesses to connect from outside to an intranet or internal services. The growing number of VPN services provide networks from multiple access points spread across the globe. You can use a VPN service to preserve your identity, in which case, it is best to allow the application associated with the service to contact the server closest to you. On the other hand, if you want to connect to a video service that is only available from a specific country, you can choose your destination country from among many of your VPN servers.

AntiTrack will not help you hide your IP, but it can also be an effective tool for your protection. AntiTrack turns off the tracking features of the various websites you visit, and there can be a large number of them. AntiTrack can also go one step further and change your digital fingerprint periodically, giving wrong information about screen size and other web browser settings, which, when combined, can be used by tracking devices to create your computer profile uniquely enough to be used for purposes. Advertise.

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