How to record audio from your smartphone

How many times do you need to track some? NotesGreat idea, ah note Or simply fill out a shopping list without a pen and paper at hand?

If the answer is “a lot”, it’s good to know that we have mobile phones They come to meet us by offering solutions for us to store every bit of information in phonetic form. Heres how to do it.

Record audio on Apple

Register from smart phone, or rather than IphoneThe audio clip is a very simple process and does not necessarily require the installation of applications from App StoreApple Digital Store. In fact, on Apple’s mobile phone, there is a convenient program for us ready to use: it is called voice memos It is included in the Cupertino OS package.

The interface of Voice Memos is very easy to use, even if you are completely new to it. At the bottom of the screen, located in the middle, there is a button in the form of a red circle: clicking on it will start recording with the basic Built-in microphone From the device or external, if present, such as the device supplied with earphones.

Recording can be paused or stopped at any time. In the first case, it is enough to press the red square that replaces the start after the tap; For the second it is necessary to take another step: during the capture phase it is important to press the audio graph because in this way the process can be stopped and then started one or more times.

Once you stop permanently with the Stop button, you have the opportunity to save a file a file In the mobile phone memory, in addition to allocating a name to him to identify him in theList Complete, including all audio documents. All the a file, of course, it can be renamed later: just enter the application, select “All RecordingsClick on one of the names in the list and continue editing.

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Listen and edit audio on iPhone

Listen to audio on iphone

How can I listen to voice memos recorded on iPhone? when entering Recording List, choose a file of interest and press the key Play. Nothing more urgent: It is a very simple process, however, it can highlight some flaws, such as silence, errors and more.

But from this screen can be a fileEditing – or the Modification – From the document. Once you select the recording, a circle icon with three dots arranged horizontally from the inside will appear to the right of the name; In the menu that appears, choose the item Edit your registry To be able to cut a file, select or remove only part of it: everything is done by first pressing the square-shaped button under the title and then on “Finish” at the bottom right Show.

There is no shortage of tools to change a few certain audio details, all without taking advantage of additional external apps

How do you do that, though? The selector icon on the left, next to the crop icon, opens an additional menu called Options. Among them you choose playback speed Using the cursor, moving more or less rapidly in succession towards the hare on the right or the turtle on the left, decide to ignore any periods of silence or improve the quality of the recording.

And share the end result? Also in this case everything is at hand: always from the list of recordings, you select the song, press the icon in the form of three dots and select the item in the list that appears Participate. This gives you the opportunity to send a file a file to their contacts via Messages, the main communication apps on the device, or directly on Apple devices (Macbook, iPad, etc.) that are detected nearby with the system airdrop.

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Record audio on Android

android voice recorder

Like Apple too Android presents the opportunity to to record a file My voice Via “original app Already on the device at the time of purchase. This is called Sound Recorder Available by browsing the icons included in stairs From the operating system, that is stairs (hence the English term) as all applications are entered by default right after installation.

If while browsing the pages you cannot locate the icon, don’t worry: it may be “hidden” among the programs it keeps Folder which bears its own brand name smart phone, always in the aforementioned tray. To start it, like other applications, just click on it.

Also in the Voice Recorder interface, as in Voice Memos, there is a file red button: is what allows us to start recording. Once started, the button will turn into two small parallel vertical bars, which is the bar associated with an icon Pause. By clicking on the image, the recording will be paused and then the user can start playing it again at a later time.

The gray box, also on the main screen of the application, allows you to stop a file audio capture. Immediately after the interruption, the program will ask you to renameAnd to save the a file product and assign it a specific category; The same will be available later in the list including all audio tracks, which can be accessed in the upper right corner of the screen.

Listen and edit audio on Android

listen to android audio

Accomplish everything, every one a file It can be heard several times by moving forward or backward by flicking a finger Draw The sound wave is in the center of the interface, in addition to the availability of many useful elements Careers. One of them is definitely one that allows you to change the listening speed, increasing or decreasing it according to the needs of the listener.

To this is added skip silence within the file, by selecting the appropriate button. By doing so, it is possible to avoid all unnecessary downtime

Pressing the three vertical dots in the upper right corner also gives you a chance to select the item Modification. From this screen, the user can cut out a specific section of the recording, get rid of the useless parts, and then save again by replacing the original or creating a new one. a file. from the same list, Participate It will allow you to send our creations to the contacts in the address book, by e-mail, instant messaging or Quick share If available.

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