How To Remove Holi Color Stains From Your Devices – Read To Know

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It’s the finale for the 2022 Holi festival, and the biggest battle begins now – removing splashes of color – red, blue, pink, purple and more of just about everything. Not only the chair, benches and bathroom floor, but also our paraphernalia which we carry everywhere during the festival.

Headphones, earphones, neckbands, smartphones and bluetooth speakers need special care after Holi, just like our skin. Colors can be stubborn, just like our skin, but a few basic ideas can help you get rid of color spots.

We give you some basic steps to remove color from your devices that are stained due to Holi colours.

water-alcoholic gel

We all have one at home, in our wallets, courtesy of COVID-19. All we have to do is use a disinfectant to remove the stains. Apply it to a cotton pad and rub the stained area and you will find that the color comes out without harming the device. This is a tried and true format that I use to do the same thing when I use it for wired earplugs that are white in color due to dust.


We all know that hand sanitizer contains a lot of alcohol which helps remove stains. So we can also use alcohol directly on the stained area of ​​your instrument. It acts as a disinfectant.

Close the nozzles and sockets with plastic tape

This process will protect the device from liquid entering the speaker jacks and slots or any section of the electrical connector to prevent damage.

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Do not use detergent solution

We must be sure to let children, as well as adults, know that detergents can damage the device, just as they do it to the skin. We should avoid applying the same to the device, and make sure not to use detergents or soapy water to clean your devices as they may damage your devices and may also stop working.

Please note that the above suggestions are proven to be effective

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