How to turn your smartphone into a security camera

Also Old smartphone It can come in handy again, as opposed to sitting in a drawer collecting dust. Whether it is a smart phone Male in appearance Or device iOS Both can be simply Switched to surveillance cameras For your home, baby monitors, or even an improvised Google Home speaker.

All you need to give new life to Old smartphone it’s a Good app Which allows him to transfer images to devices that the user usually uses, a Tripod or suction cup device To put it in the right place and some tips to understand what is the best position to create a safe and effective video surveillance network for your home. Here’s how to turn your old smartphone into one Security camera.

Turn your smartphone into a video camera: Choose an application

The first step is Choose an application It can convert your smartphone into a security camera. Among the main features that an app of this type should have are local broadcasting, cloud broadcasting, movie recording and archiving locally or remotely, motion detection and push notifications.

Once you choose the app that has these features, you just need to do so Download it to your old smartphone and configure itSo you can start using your phone again. One of the best free apps available for Android and iOS devices is Alfred Home Security Camera: Baby Monitor & Webcam, Allowing you View live broadcasts remotely Camera, Detect movements and send alerts, Store movies for free on the cloud, send two-way audio and make use of both front and back cameras.

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The app is offered free of charge but allows for in-app purchases to be unlocked Additional features, Such as HD viewing, recording, zooming, ad removal, and cloud storage for 30 days in Premium version. In addition to Alfred, there are many other free and equally effective apps like Manything, Salient Eye, and Presence, while IP Webcam is only available for Android devices.

After downloading the app you prefer, you will have to create an account or use your Google account, especially if you choose to Cloud storage Personal rather than choosing a paid app that also provides the ability to save recordings in a dedicated cloud. Generally, the configuration is done in a simple way, following a step-by-step process The instructions provided by the application For each of the cameras you will be converting to Security camera a Baby monitor From your home network.

Turn your smartphone into a video camera: Where to put it

Smartphone Security CameraOnce you find the app, you’ll need to find the best place to go Put the old smartphoneTo get the best Capture video surveillance. For example, it can be placed at the main entrance to the house, the courtyard, a room in which valuables are stored. Or leave it in your baby’s room and use it Baby monitor.

When choosing the location for the new security camera function, there is another factor to consider besides the frame: You must make sure Power supply From an old smartphone. The device must remain Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekBy using a large amount of power to stream the video. For this reason, you can choose Place it near a power outletWith a power cable long enough to allow the best placement to be chosen, not to arouse suspicion and not be immediately identified should malicious people enter the house.

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Turn your smartphone into a video camera: how to install it

Smartphone Security CameraThe last step before embarking on your revitalization Home video surveillance system With old smartphones it is to make sure that it stays in the chosen position. So it can be installed small Tripods for smartphonesWall supports OA lollipop So you can hide the tape recorder in part of the room, in the corner near the ceiling, on shelf shelves or anywhere you like. If you want to expand the field of view, it will be enough to purchase one Wide angle lens Smartphone compatible and can be purchased online starting at € 5.

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