How to update your old phone to Xiaomi 12.5

Find out if you can update your old phone to MIUI 12.5 to fix MIUI 12 issues

It happens to us in many aspects of our lives. We want to be up to date. We want to buy a house with new furniture, a high-tech car, clothes or other fashion items. We also take this desire to be up to date with mobile devices. Some of us are looking forward to always have the latest version on our mobile phone.

Unfortunately, carriers stop updating our mobile devices earlier than expected. Our old terminal can still be useful even if the company decides not to update it. For this reason, we can choose from several options to update our devices, but today we will focus on how to update our old mobile to MIUI 12.5.

MIUI 12.5 fixes version errors. MIUI 12 interface

Get out of MIUI 12 and its problems by updating from our station

All that glitters is not gold, and so Xiaomi surprised us with its update to Miui 12. MIUI 12 caused problems for our mobile phones. After learning how to discover more problems over time, Xiaomi decided to build MIUI 12.5 with the aim of fixing the problems that existed in the previous version. The only problem is that this version is not available for all devices. Let’s check if we can have a part of it.

To do this, we go to our station and we will change the region of our station. Ideally, look at the region of India as it is usually one of the most modern regions at the moment. To do this, we follow these steps:

  • We go to the settings of our mobile phone.
  • If we go down, we click on additional parameters.
  • As soon as we enter we will see the area.
  • We changed the device region to India.
  • Change the region, and we’re checking for updates.

MIUI Region Change

Menu to change region in MIUI

If we skip the update, we’ll have passed that step and won’t have to do anything else to update our devices. If not, we will explain the other options below.

Update to MIUI 12.5 from Xiaomi’s website

Another option we have is to update our terminal by directly accessing the Xiaomi website. Through this site we will search for our station and we will seek to download the latest version of MIUI. In this case we will look for MIUI 12.5. We do it directly from our mobile to download the rom in our station.

Once the download is complete, we will have to go to the terminal and follow these steps:

  • We click on options.
  • Let’s move on to our devices.
  • In this option tap on MIUI version.
  • Click on the three options dots in the new window.
  • We mark the option to select the update package.
  • We are looking for an update.

List to update MIUI manually

From left to right, how to manually update MIUI

Then we wait for the update to be installed and we will download the device. If no update is available, it means that the device does not have more unofficial versions to download. So we will officially find ourselves without the latest version of Miui.

There is always an alternative, so that we do not have an old terminal, but in this case it is required to install a custom ROM. For this we will also have to unlock the bootloader and install a tool like TWRP. As we can see, this is an advanced thing to do and we don’t recommend it unless you have enough knowledge.

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