Hozo Meazor, the all-in-one tool for home measurements

We have reached a file preview A small and multifaceted instrument called the Hozo Misor Which received a lot of attention in the crowdfunding campaign. About the size of the mouse, this device uses a file High precision laser scanning system Which is used with the internal sensors of six different functions smiles to those with a passion for working at home, but also for professionals in the sector who want to measure not only distances, but also entire floor plans easily and in a very short time.

Of the six skills that Meazor put on the board, the two above all are the ones that lead to a decisive one amazing effect For the accuracy of the results, the speed in calculating the captured input, but above all for the convenience that such a small pocket-sized device can guarantee for such purposes. The cover function of this tool is the so-called 2D Scanning Floor Plans، , which is a 360-degree scan performed by rotating the Meazor on its axis using a special holder to obtain 2D environment mapping. Something really convenient if you are about to renovate your house or arrange some corners or rooms, but also if you want to renovate the furniture: in a few seconds you can have the exact floor plan on your smartphone, even in complex environments with nooks and crannies , while avoiding having to retrieve documents deposited in the Land Registry or navigate using manual measurements.

Equally useful and surprising is Meazor’s ability to Translate scale to real size in real time practically. In fact, it is enough to pass the device with the bottom rubber wheel on a map, floor plan or map, then set the scale value and you will receive the real measurement ready for use. In addition to the renovations mentioned above, this function is also useful when planning trips – especially on foot – for example on roads with maps that are not as accurate as mountain trails, and you immediately have an idea of ​​u200bu200bhow far to walk to reach to half. It can also be an educational aid for example exploring distances between points or dimensions on atlases or globes.

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It goes without saying that Meazor’s primary function is a function laser scale, In this case Accuracy is 2 mm and a maximum of 25 meters. Thanks to accessories such as a tripod or a wall/glass suction cup, you can mount the device on a more stable support for greater precision. The image is completed by the scanning function of curves and the protractor which can be accessed respectively by scrolling with the wheel on the surface (or drawing) and rotating the device to the desired angle and finally the function of the bubble which appears with great precision. Slopes on all axes, laying the Meazor on the roof.

Hozo Meazor devices are based on a high-speed and efficient Stm32 microprocessor, which is a 1.3 inch touch screen with a density of 184 pixels per inchResistant and durable construction with aluminum frame and 650mAh USB rechargeable battery can last up to 30 days. It is necessary to better squeeze the capabilities of this gadget Install the free app on your smartphone (for every Android and for Iphone) is also available in Italian which allows you to receive and store collected data, as well as calculate other information such as areas of environments. With the application, you can also modify floor plans and it is very useful for example adding elements such as doors or windows and then exporting the files with four different CAD files.

You can order Hozo Meazor at official site For $199 it equals about 175 euros.

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