Hunter Biden says that criminalizing the laptop “completely” could have been his property, indicating that “Russian intelligence” may be behind the leak

With the election approaching and his father in the White House, Hunter Biden admitted that the laptop his family had apparently implicated in several bribery schemes abroad might have been him from the start.

laptop ” Completely “ “He would have belonged to him,” the young Biden told CBS News in a scheduled interview on Sunday. When asked if he could answer yes or no, Biden replied ” I have no idea. “

Retrieved from a Delaware repair shop in 2019 and delivered to Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani last year, the laptop – whose receipts indicated Hunter – contained a slice of emails that appeared to implicate the Biden family in several organ transplant projects Foreigner, while Joe was in the White House as Vice President.

Among the plans was an alleged conspiracy to get cash for access, as Hunter was paid lavishly by a Ukrainian energy company for meetings between his executives and Joe Biden. There was an attempt to start a business in China, with 10% of the profits allegedly going to Joe “the big man” In the letters on the computer.

The New York Post revealed the contents of the laptop two weeks before the presidential election in November, but reports about the story were subject to heavy censorship by social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Twitter has frozen the New York Post and Facebook account – who was the head of Election Integrity, a former adviser to Joe Biden – canceled the story while a third Fact checkers Take a look at it.

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Here’s who they are: What the big media and technology have done with the Hunter Biden laptop story isn’t wrong, it’s an advantage

โ€œSure, there could be a laptop stolen from me,โ€ Biden told CBS. Maybe I was hacked, it might be the KGB. It may be stolen from me. “ He completed.

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Hunter’s suggestion that his laptop could well be “Hacked” It is the same line that Twitter used to justify its censorship of the post’s articles, as the platform has a policy against distribution Piracy material.

The Russian intelligence The theory was the one that US intelligence officials, Democratic lawmakers, and Joe Biden campaign personnel championed, although no evidence for this has been found. The then Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, as well as the FBI, said publicly that there was no reason to suspect Russia’s involvement in the leak.

Hunter suggested that the device might be ” flies, “ The computer technician who delivered the laptop to Giuliani also sent a copy of its contents to the FBI, claiming it was “Saw things” The police might be interested. Receipts from his repair shop also show Hunter signed a repair of three laptops on an unknown date.

In the end, a wealth of laptop information failed to sabotage Joe Biden’s White House bid. Now, with Elder Biden staying safe in the White House and the legal challenges that Donald Trump faced for his election, satirical conservatives and commentators have been attacking mainstream media and major tech companies to suppress a story when it is alleged to make a difference.

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