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Phil Spencer, president of Xbox, spoke Xbox And the company appreciates Tic Tac Toe As Content creation By users.

In an interview with GameSrador +, Phil Spencer said: “Tic Tac Toe Finding out what someone else did, whether it was a piece of used music, or some kind of fun meme, and then people remixing it with their own content, is almost permanent. I think we need to create something similar in video games. I think we should try to open these tools and protect the value of everyone in the production chain. We want creators to monetize what they have built and understand its value. And I don’t think it has to be related to one genre. ”

Games like Minecraft and Fortnite that allow you to create content and share it with other players are obvious, but the idea of ​​TicTac is deeply rooted throughout the site and gives more value to the content creator. Obviously the text can be extended to YouTube and Twitch, but DickTalk is more Accessible (You can complete the entire creation of a video from mobile, the content is limited, so create quickly and easily, use content created by others on your own …).

Content creation may be an increasingly important aspect for video games in the future. For example, Forza Horizon 5 includes a mode called Event Lab, which allows you to create custom multiplayer races.

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