“I make antique magnets from my collection of postcards.” Asti, Nizza and Canelli also became tools thanks to the idea of ​​someone from Rivoli

Souvenir magnet lovers, serial collectors to attach to furniture and refrigerators, enrich your collections thanks to the idea of ​​a dealer from Rivoli, Rinaldo Pilato, 52 years old, out of a passion for collecting antique postcards, she has created these much-loved gadgets.

Representing 150 cities in Piedmont and northern Italy

Vintage or surreal images of 150 cities in Piedmont and northern Italy, which re-trace the lands with authenticity, behind which are stories, as well as images, thoughts and emotions.

I have always sold furniture with the family business – explains Rinaldo – And in the antiques markets, I fell in love with postcards. I had thousands! From this love of mine, together with my love for Rivoli, I created a book, and also thanks to the suggestion of a member of the Council of the Reale Mutua Museum in Turin who greatly appreciated the pictures, here I am.”

From the book … the magnet

rinaldo book, “Bella Rivoli, Postcards That Tell a Story, 900 to 1980”, Several hundred copies have been sold and have been the catalyst for this new adventure. Bellato began studying how to make tourist magnets from postcards thanks to the collaboration of a graphic designer.

Some are faithful copies, others I have colored, rearranged according to my creativity. I travel from city to city and suggest my business. In five years I have made magnets from 150 towns in Piedmont and northern Italy and I would suggest them above all from small towns and tell stories.”

Magnets have also arrived in Nice and Canelli

Rinaldo also has dinner at Sacra de Saint-Michel, where it makes its magnet known to tourists from all over the world, even if the epidemic stops it for a while.

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His works can be found in the libraries of museums such as the Basilica of Superga, the Order of Mauritius in Turin with the Stupinigi Hunting Lodge, the Ranverso Precettoria and the Staffarda Abbey, the Fossil Museum of Asti and Casa Museo by Pellizza da Volpedo.

“I am known above all as a Piedmont magnet”, Rinaldo who has a great passion for his work smiles and feels it.

These days he delivered magnets to two cigarette sellers in Nisa and Kanelli (Corso Asti 3 in Nice and Piazza Cavour 5 in Canelli).

Some works are visible Who is the.

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