If Nintendo releases them, will they be playing Virtual Boy Games in 2021?

Nintendo’s hypothetical boy was an unmistakably bizarre system, although stating his name might trigger very different responses. For many, the non-HMD mini table is little more than a punch set; A funny example of Flash and you’ll miss it from Nintendo as it fools around with an idea that’s been sabotaged from the start by its hopelessly inadequate component technology. For others, this 32-bit black and red experiment was a brave failure and console curiosity that still pissed off futuristic nostalgia and hardware ravages.

For European Nintendo fans, it can be said that it has become more than just an outdated game. The default boy is mystery The Nintendo console that we hear about but don’t directly test. Sure, many Japanese and North American players joke that we avoided a shot, but the history of the console and its small library of only 22 games continues to draw fans who never had a chance. It really was. It’s still a Nintendo product, and even if the company drops the ball, it’s a must Thing Interesting on this particular console.

And yes there are jewels in Virtual Skinny Boy Library, Despite its little play. However, Nintendo has had some opportunities to show it off.

The arrival of the 3DS seemed to be the perfect opportunity to let everyone know the ‘secret’, and a small compilation of the best Virtual Boy games gave the next generation console flavor that could be generously described. Or at least before that, the affordable mainstream technology needed to make it work. Even in the regions where Virtual Boy was born, it’s sold so poorly that many players won’t have the opportunity to try games like Teleroboxer Or excellent Virtual Boy Warrior Land.

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So quite a few ports (or even a separate string along the Excellent 3D classics) On a powerful portable console that includes 3D autoscopy without built-in glasses Sounds like he’s not thinking, right? straight? Apparently not, because assembling the 3DS Virtual Boy never materialized.

So we have Small Easter Egg In the Kate Laboo VR Another “crazy” Nintendo experience – we dared to dream that it might refer to a small release. Nothing big, just a nod to Nintendo’s virtual reality history. But no, not a bean.

To say that Nintendo has completely ignored the system and its library will not be entirely correct; It was Mention it on social networksAnd Virtual Boo in Luigi’s Mansion 3 It was A wonderful greeting To the console 25 years ago. You can’t play with him, maybe he’s too far from horror for a family horror festival.

we! The point is, we really want to be able to play these games again, remember? We’ve recently seen fans take matters into their own hands, whoever Modify the control unit sent to the TV To fully simulate using current virtual reality headsets such as l’Oculus Rift. It’s gratifying to see fans allow access to these ancient hidden treasures in another way, but we’d love to see Nintendo itself release something official. Enough time. We’ve seen the company go up and down and back up the unit’s roller coaster several times since the mid-1990s now is definitely the perfect time to enjoy the ’90s nostalgia.

The virtual boy with the car© Nintendo Live

So how can Nintendo make VB available again? Well the ship has sailed for any kind of 3DS launch, but Nintendo Switch Online seems like a great place to showcase these games. Of course, we’re still waiting for the N64 games to be released, not to mention Game Boy, GBA, etc., as well as other additions to the game. Existing libraries – But the Virtual Boy package has it Mario ShockAnd the Mario tennis And other Nintendo exclusive offers will be a treat for old retro fans and fans. Add Labo VR support for a more “authentic” experience and we’re done with quirky Nintendo Experiences.

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We take this opportunity to revisit this wonderful period in the company’s history. can you? Let us know in the inquiry below.

Do you think these “forgotten” games should stay in place and that we’re just feeling crazy about wanting to have them? What Virtual Boy Games would you activate if it were running on Switch? Let us know below.

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