If your Cyberbank 2077 save file gets too large, it will be corrupted

I can not go anywhere on the internet without looking at another Show, Hilarious, Or Odd bug From Cyberpunk 2077. This is a non-standard game, and developer CD Project Red has already released it Two Hotfix Try some issues. One problem that starts to pop up is not funny: some players report that as their statement Cyberpunk 2077 Save files will be corrupted if a certain file size is exceeded (Via Eurocomer).

If your Cyberpunk 2077 Save is corrupted, and when you try and load the game you will see this line: “Saved data is corrupted and cannot load.” Here’s how it looks:

Stored on the line shown to the distortions Cyberpunk 2077.
Image: GOG.com Support Document

Although it is not clear what causes storage files to be corrupted, it seems that this can happen when the storage reaches 8MB. If the storage file for a retiree is corrupted, it will cross the 8MB threshold In their test. There are many people in the CD Project Red forums Reporting That Their 8MB + Save files are corrupted.

In a GOG.com support document on the corrupted storage line, CD says Project Red “Unfortunately the storage is damaged and cannot be restored.” To avoid looking at the line, the company recommends using old storage and “keeping small quantities of items and crafts”.

Theoretically, if your Cyberpunk 2077 The save file is larger than 8MB, you have invested dozens of hours in the game and collected a lot of items. If I broke a part because I took too much stuff (it’s in a game Trash With things to take), I know I will be very disappointed.

CD Project Red says the file size range can be “increased in one of future attachments” In the GOG.com support documentation. But despite that increase, the document says that the currently corrupted storage files will remain intact. If you There are CD is an appraiser in Project Reds enjoying degraded savings Officer Cyberpunk 2077 Forums Here are some suggestions on how to load backup storage that you can try.

Studio Has promised Publish two large reefs Cyberpunk 2077 Next year: one in January and one in February. The company will make changes to those links to prevent the files from being corrupted. C.D. Project Red did not immediately respond to a request for comment On the edge.

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