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By Thomas Botha, Director of Strategy and Marketing

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Mobile apps are quickly becoming the preferred destination for the seamless and practical exchange of value between brands and consumers. There is no arguing that mobile app experiences have become the digital heart of the customer experience. However, some brands treat their mobile apps as just another promotional channel. They attract customers to the app, but not keep them. After all, it is not easy to increase customer engagement and loyalty, as it takes authentic experiences designed for each individual to build loyalty and increase revenue. That’s why brands are embracing an evolving new practice that they need to master: the mobile app experience. We call it MAX (Mobile App Experience), for short.

Why Max?

Not so long ago, the mobile app experience didn’t even exist. Sure, many companies have had mobile versions of their websites for a long time, and mobile apps have seen many iterations. But of all these apps, only a few have focused on a curated customer experience

Today the world is different. It is mobile. Anyone who is involved in customer performance in any way now understands that mobile apps help improve the digital customer experience.

why ? Because loyal app customers are born 3.5 times revenue from other buyersThe probability of repeat purchase increases 3 times.

Other facts are equally convincing, but above all from a practical point of view trials show their effectiveness. Just take a look at the testimonials of clients we work with:

  • “As incredible as it may sound, our full-year digital revenue of $3.4 billion is nearly 3.5 times what we were doing in 2019 before the Covid crisis. It has proven to be a seamless and convenient experience backed by consistent investment.”

Brian Nichols, Chairman and CEO of Chipotle.

  • “Our focus and commitment to mobile applications and user experience continue to support changing consumption patterns. Mobile sales at have remained a key channel and account for 82% of the brand’s sales.”

Ben Fletcher, Group Chief Financial Officer, The Very Group

With the opportunity to achieve these kinds of results comes great responsibility. And when it comes to customer retention and revenue generation, the question is not whether to invest more in your mobile app, but how.

Max innovation

Given the increasing pressure from customers to remember their last favorite experience, the App Experience Platform must engage in a true process of continuous innovation. This innovation has proven difficult, if not impossible, for brands, given their constant reliance on development resources and application update cycles.

The new Airship Application Experience Platform (AXP) is revolutionizing the way brands master mobile app experiences, and is the only SaaS platform entirely dedicated to this mission. The benefit is enormous: The App Experience Platform enables your entire team to continuously communicate with and understand customers – and drive value in every moment, every day.

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