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Cyberpunk 2077 Recently updated with Appendix 1.3, I want this Improve performance And the stability of the game on all platforms, so let’s see First video analysis To understand ElAnalistaDeBits this game is specifically developed on PS5 and PS4, sites considered in this regard.

YouTube is one of the few people who proposed video analysis with Patch 1.3 of Cyberbank 2077, but others we will consider anyway. Meanwhile, this is what emerged and it seems to have progressed one step Uncertain In various matters.

First, it is referred to as a specially designed version PS5, Or the glorious link with the next gen update, is only expected to arrive at the end of 2021, so this is the question for working on versions of the last generation.

On the PS5, in particular, the Xbox Series X | Unable to use advanced backward compatibility system like S, this is simply the PS4 Pro version and some minimal improvements based on it. With Link 1.3, ElAnalistaDeBits aDynamic resolution optimization, Designed to increase frame-rates, especially on the basic PS4.

This generally leads to an average reduction of the resolution found for maintaining a Higher frame rate. Reduces noise from 720p to 1080p on PS4, 1080p to 1224p on PS4 Pro and 2176×1224 on PS5, and screen space reflection on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Another use that has been found to increase performance seems to be the obvious one Reducing the size of vehicles and characters The game is all over the world. Although not easy to install for sure, analysis has indicated that the Cyberbunk 2077 game world is still likely to be emptied on the PS4 (and PS5), as well as smaller vehicles and passers-by., Which is much cheaper than the Xbox version.

There is a flaw in the popping game of structures and elements after Patch 1.3, while CD Project RED has made some changes Lighting. In short, this is not really a very precise choice, but in some respects the video is very clear.

In recent days, 1.3 updates and the first free DLCs have been released in the evolutionary path of Cyberbank 2077, and Patch 1.3 has been available on all platforms since yesterday.

Veronica Tucker

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