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Digital Foundry Has thoroughly reviewed the changes made a The halo is infinite With the arrival of Season 2, many more are being mentioned Fixes and improvements But the new methods introduced by 343 Industries, have some technical issues.

In the first analysis of Hollow Infinite many important elements identified by the digital foundry have been fixed, i.e. the status of blacks and animations in the cut scenes, as well as other related issues Animations It went for a lower frame-rate than the game. Also adjusted some lights flicker and general transition from party to camouflage.

New Display mode Introduced in addition to the renamed Others: In essence, both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S now have 30, 60 and 120 Hz modes. 120 fps is officially back on the Xbox Series S, but despite the implementation of a VRS in it, significantly reducing the working resolution, when you are in open areas, multiplayer and indoors, the frame-rate in single player is uncertain.

Of the three modes in the Xbox Series X, 30FPS mode does not make sense according to Digital Foundry because the standard increase at the front of the definition does not compensate for the low fluidity and does not create legal speed control issues. 60Hz mode works, but avoid frame speeds on a 120 Hz It is best to set the console output to 60Hz. Finally, the best mode to test is 120Hz.

In general, PC and Xbox Series X | VRR can still cause random issues of less than 110 fps found in both Ss. Legal speed limit Before further attachments, as seen in Destiny.

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