In Amilly, four creatives will immerse visitors in the magic of digital art

From virtual reality to tannery

At Galerie Haute, four promising young people in their 30s will present work on the topic of digital arts and their contribution to a number of social issues (trauma reform, memory, music, and augmented reality). During the visit, spectators will be invited to be actors.

Joystick to move from one area of ​​the brain to another

Indeed, in the installation titled “Pharmacon – The Magic of Discretion” by Marion Roche, everyone is required to wear virtual reality glasses, in order to explore the brain’s meandering through modeling. Using the joystick, the visitor moves and pushes himself from one area to another (language, mind, hearing, balance, memory).

From all the visitor memories written in the memory area, which were assembled using the device connected to her mount, Marion Roche will select one template per week. The specimens selected will be the object of retrieval in the form of 2D and 3D impressions. They will complete the installation at Galerie Haute to mark completion, on May 29. You’ll save a high-performance 3D printing time for one of these memories. Marion Roche will revive her sculptor’s gesture by creating “Wire Superculpture of a Virtual Mind.”

The exhibition continues in front of the spectators with the discovery of installations by three other artists for a total visit period of about an hour and a half.

From a space-time traveler’s perspective, Cylixe introduces the work “16bit: wolf,” a fictional account of the relationship between one body and the other, resulting from her project to set up her tannery from January 24 to April 2. Places the visitor in the conditions of a live concert.

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She envisioned herself in the year 2107, creating an artistic repertoire using artificial intelligence, and returning to introduce it to our time.

The last two works are documentaries produced by two videographers and directors. In “My Landscape,” Antoine Chabone asks about some form of therapeutic device, from the perspective of a US Army veteran. This introduces a customized version of the game, you dream about being a solo walk in the midst of a paradise nature, always being as realistic as possible. In the aftermath of the post-traumatic violent shocks that affected the various theaters of conflict. The ex-soldier who himself is a designer designs his own game here, in order to rebuild himself psychologically.

The strengthened man

Finally, in “Laxt Memory”, Pierre Bowes cast his lead character conducting a gene therapy experiment, through his avatar. The Avatar wants to be an improved version of himself, a reinforced man, and he develops in the idyllic Los Angeles, in order to achieve through this experience, a form of eternal and prosperous life.

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