In Reggio Emilia Stop the Nazi Fascist Tools, Lega voted and FdI vs.


Although center-right parties voted, the proposal was approved

A step towards civilization and legitimacy of a standard that already exists, but in some cases it is explained by an (very large) intertwining. The Municipal Council of Reggio Emilia approved a proposal to prohibit – in effect – the sale of Nazi Fascist tools throughout the territory. Therefore, calendars were banned by Benito Mussolini, flags, mugs, key rings, and various paraphernalia indicating Nazism and Fascism. The document was approved by a majority vote, while Lega and Forza Italia expressed a dissenting opinion.

Reggio Emilia bans the sale of Nazi-Fascist tools

The proposal text signed by the directors Dario de Lucia (mixed group), Paolo Burani (Imagina Reggio), Fabiana Montanari and Giuliano Ferrari (Pd) explicitly refers Scelba reads From June 20, 1952 and his subsequent updates on Nazi-Fascist propaganda. The document Approved by the city council, in fact, obligates the municipality to act forcefully in the territory to condemn and prevent the trade of various things related to Nazism and fascism. The initiative to track what was already approved, a few days ago, in the municipality of Scandiano (also in Emilia-Romagna) on the proposal of Anpi.

“I would like to thank Scandiano Annebi, a member of the Scandiano Municipal Council Paolo Miglioli and Silvia Venturi who proposed the issue to the municipality of Scandiano and shared the text that I proposed in Reggio Emilia – said Dario de Lucia, one of the signatories of the proposal that was approved by the Municipal Council of Reggio Emilia -. Approval of similar documents in various municipal councils across Italy. They are walking along a path that began with the proposed law for the National Anti-Fascist Register. “

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Laws regarding apology for fascism (and not only) are already in Italian legislation, but often are interpreted with too much intertwining, which diminishes the content (and intent) of those rules and leads to initiatives like those that occurred a few days earlier in the capital. Initiatives such as those taken by the Municipal Council of Reggio Emilia, are the inputs to move forward with a more stringent application than was actually anticipated.

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