In the school group, digital access for all

This year, of all the projects underway or completed, the group of schools will be able to operate in optimal conditions in terms of digital access.

The school is waiting for new computers to be delivered. A demo laptop (interactive whiteboard), a computer for management needs, two software packages for children and teachers, as well as a mobile classroom were ordered. The mobile category will include six iPad tablets and four laptops that will replace the outdated category of mobile devices. At a cost of 9,496 euros, 70% of which is subsidized by the state. The goal achieved is digital access for all, the school achieved level 3, which is the maximum level of the digital mark for national education.

For its part, the school financed the purchase of small equipment: seats for the BCD, library books, two additional bicycles for kindergarten children, sports equipment and toys for a playground so that the children could benefit. Better than the limited number of occupied space due to the sanitary protocol.

In addition to the projects under development for the Covid crisis, the school hopes to resume very soon the opera project which had to be stopped in March 2020. Musical interventions have been stopped and teachers are already thinking about developing funding from their own pockets, for new workshops, perhaps, next year.

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