IOS Model: Google wants to make tracking ads on Android more difficult

Google wants to make it more difficult for Android users to track advertisers,

DrThe anger among advertising-dependent app operators like Facebook and Instagram was remarkable when Apple announced in January 2021 that it wanted to make it more difficult for iOS users to access the so-called advertising identifier. Businesses need this sequence of numbers in order to track and analyze user behavior and to be able to place personalized ads. Starting in the spring of 2021, Apple’s new “App Tracking Transparency” will block previous free access to this code. Users then have to expressly consent to the release of their information for each app. An approach that now appears to be catching up with it. One The media According to Google, it is considering introducing a similar function into the Android smartphone operating system. Here too, data collection and data exchange between apps will be restricted in the future.

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The balance between data protection and freedom from ads

According to the report, Google wants to be less restrictive than Apple. The company tries to maintain a balance between users’ need for data protection and an ad-supported ecosystem. It is currently unclear how Google will enforce the restriction on user tracking. The company is already recommending iOS developers to include their own notes in their apps in order to enhance users’ understanding and approval. According to the report, it is conceivable that Google will use the example of a future Chrome browser as a basis for implementing the concept. The company is currently testing something called a privacy sand here. This evaluates browser history in order to roughly map users to a specific ad group. In contrast, the browser operates without the individual storage and processing of third-party cookies, which were previously used to analyze user behavior for personalized ads.

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