iPhone 12 pro and Video HDR Dolby Vision

It is among the most innovative features it provided an Apple at IPhone 12 There is no doubt about the ability to record video in HDR Dolby Vision Up to 30fps, which is up to 60fps on the iPhone 12 Pro, a feature Apple tells its users to say ‘60 times more amazing colors“.

But what exactly does Dolby Vision video mean? More importantly, what’s the difference between normal HDR and Dolby Vision? HDR and Dolby Vision are, in fact, not the same: Dolby Vision is the HDR propertyNot all cameras and camcorders are compatible with Dolby Vision, even if they are HDR.

What is Dolby Vision

So Dolby Vision is a file HDR special format This means that in order to implement it on its iPhones, Apple has to do so Pay royalties ai Dolby Labs. But it also means that Dolby Vision is not only the camera, but also the iPhone screen. Otherwise, images captured by this standard will be incorrectly reproduced from the screen of the smartphone that made it.

Dolby Vision is very similar toHDR10 +, With which it shares a very important function: i Dynamic metadata. HDR, by all standards, acquires a lot of information about light and color through the viewfinder and saves it precisely in so-called additional metadata. Simply incompatible with HDR device Ignore this metadata It shows the raw image.

HDR10 + and Dolby Vision use dynamic metadata, which means this data is up to date For each individual frame, Not for the whole scene. A big difference, because in the face of a much heavier data flow, each frame is fully optimized with specific parameters.

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Dolby Vision, in particular, offers a 12-bit color palette that takes shades to another level, thanks to the ability to see 70 billion colors. This allows in post-production video to modify the film’s colors greatly in order to obtain it Visual effects Very special (even extreme, if it makes technical sense).

Finally, the standard supports a maximum brightness of 10,000 nits even if the iPhone 12 stops at “only” 1,200 candles per square meter. However, the value is higher than that found in many modern OLED TVs.

What is the benefit of Dolby Vision over iPhone

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The entire presentation of the iPhone 12 lineup focused on the potential of the new iPhone as an everyday business tool for video professionals. Dolby Vision on the iPhone 12 goes exactly in this direction: This feature, in fact, is now only available on the expensive, mirrorless or reflective cameras of the major professional camera manufacturers.

Assuming that to process Bolby Vision HDR video stream, you need A very powerful computer, Or very improved like the most recent one MacBook with the Apple M1 chip, Many have wondered if professional video editors might have trouble handling these files. The main doubt is clearly related to sincerity in Color rendering Once the video “exits” from the iPhone.

The reason is already clear that The entire supply chain Video production (iPhone, video editing software, operating system, and computer display) must be compatible with Dolby Vision HDR for the perfect match between what is being recorded and what is being viewed. However, if one of the links in the chain is incompatible, it can be addressed with a metafile HDR HLG Integrated into Dolby Vision. Kind of awning that, however, does not offer the same quality.

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This is a problem that Apple itself encountered, albeit for a short period of time: macOS Catalina It wasn’t compatible with Dolby Vision, but the new one Big Sur it’s a. Apple, as is known, always thinks about the ecosystem when introducing a new product, and in light of this, we can assume that when it decided to implement Dolby Vision HDR on the iPhone 12, it already knew that the new M1 chips would arrive soon. , Is able to process videos in this format faster, and the new macOS Big Sur is able to faithfully reproduce color without having to resort to an HLG profile.

This is different, and perhaps more problematic, if the video professional were to use an Windows computer To process HDR Dolby Vision videos captured by new iPhones: It is actually necessary that the software and computer screen support the standard and hence it is necessary to install Dolby Vision accessories From the Microsoft Store.

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