Is it still necessary to sign your bank card?

Signing on the back of bank cards has long been considered an act Basic commitment. However, with the development of payment technologies, this practice tends to disappear. Find out why and how banks are adapting to these changes.

The gradual disappearance of the signature: current trends

Commitment is less common

Many banks are now issuing cards without a signature plate. For example, the CB Visa Evolution card from Société Générale or the Ultim card from BoursoBank, an online subsidiary of SG, are no longer available. This trend is now widespread among many financial institutions that have recently redesigned their products.

The dominant role of technology

Chip technology and password It has established itself as a major standard for today's card systems. As a result, the need to provide a signature during transactions is gradually decreasing, making… Outdated Signature plate requirements.

Regulatory requirements for transactions: what you need to know

Specific conditions according to contracts

Despite this development, some rules still apply. For example, LCL states that Visa Premier card users must sign their card upon receipt if space is allocated for it. However, in practice, a Unsigned card It will generally not prevent you from making withdrawals or payments.

Signing off on major purchases

In France, there are still regulations that require a signature Purchases exceeding €1,500. In these cases, the seller must verify that the signature on your card matches the signature on the receipt. If there is no match, the payment may be declined and the seller may contact your bank for verification.

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Alternative controls and banking security

Modern verification methods

Today, verification methods such as Contactless payment They allow you to pay without physically holding your card. Additional identification such as identity documents are also common to confirm card ownership.

The importance of signature in case of fraud

In the event of fraud, an unsigned card can pose a problem. The bank can invoke negligence to refuse compensation under Article L133-19 of the Monetary and Financial Code. However, it is up to the bank to prove that the card was not signed before it was used fraudulently, which can be difficult.

  • Always check Having a signature if required by your credit card contract.
  • I'm thinking of Sign immediately Your card when you receive it to avoid any possible complications.
  • Use new payment options such as No connection To enhance the security of your transactions.

Special cases: traveling abroad and special needs

Districts still use magnetic tape

In some countries where payments are still made by magnetic stripe rather than a chip, a signature may be required on invoices or receipts. In these cases, the merchant will be able to verify that the signatures match.

The benefit of having a signature

To avoid any inconvenience while travelling, it is always recommended to sign your card upon receiving it. This helps to avoid potential complications when conducting transactions abroad.

Conclusion: Towards the complete disappearance of the signature?

As we move towards an increasingly digital society, signatures on bank cards are becoming less important. As security technologies evolve, traditional methods such as signing are giving way to more robust and efficient systems. However, in the meantime, it is still wise to follow the specific instructions provided by your bank and stay aware of local requirements when traveling.

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Therefore, we encourage you to fully understand the terms associated with your bank card and adopt recommended practices to ensure the security of your transactions.

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