Is there a fantasy game in naughty dog ​​works? A concept artist sows traces –

Attention Beautiful pictures Hyung We published some time ago, Senior Opinion Artist D Naughty Dog, Which has just come to our eyes, one might think that the studio works in a game with very different environments than we are used to. Unrestricted and The Lost of S are, in fact, set in the modern age, albeit in a very different way. On the other hand, Hyung Nam’s designs are clear Imagination, A dragon attached.

Could this be a clue as to what is in the works at Sony’s award-winning in-house studio? We do not know, but Hyung himself will listen to Flea with an explanation of his work. The concept art series is, in fact, called Northern woman, A character “Inspiration [arriva] From the new game. You know what I mean …“The naughty dog ​​is the senior winner.

As always, the character and style of the California studio are exceptional, two qualities that are capable of giving familiarity and originality to subjects that have already been treated several times. The change in structure seems to be very unusual for that Neil Truckman study, A few weeks ago the former art director of Naughty Dog John Sweeney also released pictures of an imaginary organization that could suggest games in the works at the studio.

If you want to see all the works Hyung Naam, Naughty dog ​​senior concept artist, you have to go This address.

Veronica Tucker

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