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TikTok launched the SoundOn platform in the US, UK, Brazil and Indonesia. – Photo by AFP

SAN FRANCISCO, March 11 – Do music artists prefer TikTok over Spotify? The Chinese social network has unveiled SoundOn, its new platform dedicated to musicians. The new space is described as a service that pays artists based on the use of their music. Promise can very well help bring the big names on board.

Spotify’s payment system has been criticized by many artists for being too unprofitable for musicians. This criticism could cost them dearly at a time when TikTok is growing in importance and power in the music scene. The Chinese social network recently unveiled SoundOn, its new platform designed to fully compensate artists. Artists will receive 100% royalties in their first year on the platform and 90% thereafter, transaction fees will be waived additionally.

By subscribing to the SoundOn platform, artists agree to distribute their music on TikTok as well as Resso, the music streaming platform owned by parent company ByteDance. However, musicians will also still be able to distribute their songs on platforms like Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music and retain complete control over their music.

Regarding compensation, TikTok remains unclear. Artists will get paid based on how often the music is used on TikTok. In other words, the more an audio clip is used in a video, the higher the artist’s salary. TikTok has not disclosed the amount to be heard.

Artists registered with SoundOn will be able to post their music on their TikTok profile. They will also be mentioned on each song’s page.

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While TikTok is touting its influence in the music world as a place where emerging talent is spotlighted, the platform now intends to support creators. The TikTok team can help an artist to help them with their social network marketing strategy. Support for artists registered on the platform will also focus on audience analysis.

A blessing for creators as well as for TikTok. The social network recently announced that users can upload 10-minute videos, up from the previous 3-minute limit, and this time they’re on their toes on YouTube.

TikTok has established itself as a springboard for young artists. 75 percent of users said they discovered new artists through TikTok in 2021. Since then, the platform has increased the number of live concerts and launched its own radio station on SiriusXM. – ETX studio

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