Is WhatsApp threatened with deportation from the Apple App Store?

Since the official change to WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, the messaging service has become the focus of bad news: everything from secret updates to bad verification codes has been included. Now there is a new scandal. The triggers are the functional limitations associated with the refusal of the above terms and conditions. Like the English language site Apple Scope You mentioned, that WhatsApp violates a certain Apple App Store policy, which is titled “Unacceptable” (“Unacceptable”). According to the website, the whole thing can lead to removing the app from the app store or terminating the developer account.
A few months ago, WhatsApp announced that users who do not accept the new data protection guidelines will be excluded from certain messaging app functions – such as accessing the contact / chat list, according to reports by Apple Scoop. If users continue to refuse the updated terms and conditions, they will eventually lose access to calls and no longer receive notifications, making the app practically unusable This step, according to the website, will be a change in the services provided via the app and thus a violation of App Store Policy 3.2.2Hence a quote from App Store review guide: “Applications should allow the user to get what they paid for without performing additional tasks such as posting on social media, uploading contacts, logging into the application after a certain number of times, etc., applications should not ask users to rate the application, review Application, watching videos, downloading other applications, clicking on ads, enabling tracking, or taking other similar actions to access the features or content used by the application or receiving financial compensation or other compensation, including but not limited to Gift cards and tokens. “
According to the website, the job restriction violates Apple’s App Store guidelines, which explicitly state that such behavior is strictly prohibited – or unacceptable -. Accordingly, the app can be rolled out from the App Store if WhatsApp continues to implement the announced changes. It has yet to be decided whether this will actually happen. In order to get to the bottom of the matter, Apple Scoop contacted Apple’s responsible “developer relations” division – the answer is still pending.

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