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Are you finding the PS5 too big? Trust depositors to give it a new look. The latest creation from Modding Cafe is impressive.

In the world of the personal computer, you can do whatever you want. You can cool the CPU with large fans, like on the PS5, or use a water cooling system. When we enter the world of water cooling, you have AiO (all-in-one) for those who don’t want to take the lead and customized systems for others. As for the GPU, it’s the same.

Although most of the manufacturers make great designs with fans, there are also custom designs with water cooling blocks combined with radiators. There’s even a GeForce RTX with a passive cooling system.

As for the PS5, it’s almost the same, but with one exception: you don’t design it, Sony is the one to blame. We also have APU, which means the GPU is integrated into the CPU architecture. The whole is cooled by a huge aluminum radiator divided into two intersecting zones by no fewer than seven copper heat tubes. In addition, there is a huge copper steam room that cools the rest of the neighboring components such as memory or SSD. This coolant is cooled by a huge double air inlet fan (which absorbs air from both sides). The dimensions of this fan have a diameter of 120 mm and a height of 45 mm.

PS5 Courage

PS5 Courage

PS5 in the hands of depositors

The PS5 Big, even too big. This has sparked discussions from its announcement until its arrival in our living rooms (for the lucky ones). Designed by A. PlayStation 5 More compact, the experts made at Modding Cafe Padding Control unit. They replaced the cooling system with a water cooling system. They took the opportunity to change the design of the outer shell.

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A huge task, especially since one of the main components of the PS5 is the ventilation system. They replaced everything, including the famous liquid metal that acts as a conductor between the processor and the heat sink. So they had to completely revise its operations. The series of videos, which you will find below, is great, because we can monitor the various tests to the last one allowing to get the correct temperatures. In addition, the case has become very compressed.

It is not for everyone. We have to admit, however, that the converted PS5 with its fins is impressive. PC enthusiasts have certainly noticed the presence of multi-colored LEDs, an element not found on a Sony game console.

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