It is widely used by thieves

As technology advances, thieves are also adapting. To commit crimes, they use an Apple branded tool.

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The Technology And more and more progressing. Now whatever our need is, we have a special device to satisfy it. We’ve talked a lot about it in recent weeks Phishing attempts Cyber ​​criminals. It makes us understand how even these individuals have changed over time.

Reported by Country, American cases are much talked about. Some of the cases reported in Ontario, Canada, found a new way Car theft. In fact, the thieves continued to use the Apple device. Talking about Apple AirTake.

Those who follow the technological evolution know the functionality of this tool. Let’s start with the cost of starting it on the official Apple stores About 35 euros. We understand how it is accessible to everyone. It weighs 11 g And its function is not to lose the key or wallet. Small, convenient and concealed material.

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Apple AirTag used by thieves: Here’s how

This tool makes it easy to understand the status of the individual and the object to which it is attached. AirTag, in fact, can be identified by the application “Find my mobile or tablet“It can be said that the thieves have given new” life “to the product. From the reported cases, the perpetrators are rarely noticed. Luxury car They immediately went into action in a parking lot or in a public place. They did this with an air tag Reservoir Or near one Wheel.

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Next, they looked at the location on their own device. You know the destination of the car. Once the status is known, Removed The device instantly e They continued For theft. These cases will prompt Apple to make some changes, thus avoiding such situations.

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By the way, there is also Apple Prevented potential harassment cases. This is thanks to the discovery of an unauthorized person following through the airtake. In that case, the device will raise an alarm but the operating system must be from IoS 14.5. But, in the case of car theft, theThe warning cannot occur Because the airdock is owned by thieves.

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