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For a long time now, players have been waiting for the component Multiplayer From The Lost of Us Part 2. We do not know or know anything about this project officially, except that it was initially expected a few months after the basic game started, and apparently the plans of the naughty dogs changed during construction, which is recommended by the published job advertisements. Studio and many rumors released in recent months. In a recent episode of Groopsnoks, VentureBeat reporter Jeff Groop wanted to comment on the online components of The Lost of Us Part 2, saying it would be a good plan. Larger than “sections”.

Sections for strangers The first is The Lost of Asin multiplayer component, which focuses on three PvP modes where the effect of conflicts affects the fate of the segment selected by the players. It is not enough to win matches to ensure the well-being of your clan, but it is necessary to complete some random tasks with big penalties in case of failure.

In the podcast, Grub advised players not to expect simple sections mode like the one seen in the first episode, but rather bigger and therefore different. Also, to confirm last month’s rumors, VentureBeat reporter expects the multiplayer to be released. Unique titleSo, The Last of Us Unpacked from Part 2, which marks one of the 10 live service games that Sony wants to release by 2026.

Apparently we are talking about unofficial information, so nothing has been confirmed. Rumors about The Last of Us series have intensified in recent days, for example, there is talk of a remake of the first game released on the PS5 this year, which is a sign that there may be more to the smoke. Fried. We will see.

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