It was what everyone wanted for a long time

Google Meet is a big addition to the service used for video conferencing: everyone has been loving it for a long time.

In the last twenty years, technology has made great strides and reached unimaginable heights. Companies are increasingly managing to create incredible and cutting-edge products, providing citizens around the world with devices that definitely have a big impact on every person's day. Smartphones, for example, They are of fundamental importance for both study and work: With these devices you can take amazing photos, record high definition videos, play unforgettable titles, surf the web and control other devices with your voice.

In a similar situation, Google immediately worked to provide the highest quality products. Big G, over the years, has not disappointed the expectations of users: even today, products like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive are very current and used by users today. In recent years, the American company has worked to make available an amazing tool like Meet. With Google Meet, you can hold instant video meetings anywhere in the world, host or participate in virtual classes around the world, conduct remote interviews, and more. For a few hours, on popular service A new one has been added From science fiction.

Google Meet, the amazing addition: It's what everyone wants

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Google is constantly updating all its products: the American company does not want to leave anything to chance and implements increasingly complex and satisfying functions. The IT company is about to add a powerful update to his Google Meet: According to what we learn, the online video conferencing app will have support for 52 languages ​​(for translated hard-coded titles) and 11 languages ​​(for hard-coded subtitles). For the first category, the company specifies all the subtitles activated for each user, while in the second category the subtitles used to translate to certain languages ​​are classified. New languages ​​have been added including Czech, Azerbaijani, Greek, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Malay, and Kazakh.

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With the new additions, Google Meet will support a total of 87 languages ​​(even if some languages ​​are not yet in the definitive version. But beware: according to Big G's press releases, the functionality will be limited to all Google Workspaces. However, customers using Gemini for closed topics: The new feature is available to all customers (plus 11 new languages). But that's not all: in the coming months, the company also wants to add Dutch, Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish and Indonesian. Users are excited: Google is well aware that more people and more companies are using the services: for this reason, they need to be constantly updated and leave nothing to chance.

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