Japanese studio accused of destroying video game history

nintendo She is one of the most big companies The video game, almost present in its infancy, which will surely survive. This gives him real importance in the world, and Some decisions do not pass through different associations defend virtual heritage. This last example is one of the most striking and most representative The difficulty of protecting the legacy of video games.

The Nintendo vs Video Game History Foundation

In general when we talk to you about nintendoit’s a Either to tell you about one of their recent games, a Nintendo Direct Which neatly announces the launch of the company’s new products, otherwise this is no less pleasant: All legal decisions related to work. Nintendo is known to be quite strict on certain topics, Including creating fangames or using videos and music related to their propertiesas evidenced by this case, whereA Japanese company has sent more than 1,300 complaints to its YouTube channel Regarding copyright issues.

On the other hand, The reason why the Video Game History Foundation recently moved to social media is different. This association aims to preserve the legacy of video games, both tangible and intangible, by allowing Free access to video game archives. in France, This might remind the project abandonedwhich regularly streams old games that can be accessed on PC via a home emulator, and without DRM. The news that highlighted this organization is Nintendo’s decision to close Eshop -default store- For 3DS and Wii U consoles.. Here is the association’s statement:

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Our statement about the closure of old Nintendo digital stores. pic.twitter.com/mG5GzuGH4G

February 17 2022

While it’s unfortunate that people can no longer purchase digital games on the 3DS and Wii U, we understand the commercial reality that led to this decision. What we don’t understand is what Nintendo expects from its fans, should they ever wish to play these games in the future. As a paid member of the Entertainment Software Association, Nintendo actively funds lobbying that prevents libraries from providing legal access to these games. Not providing commercial access is understandable, but preventing institutional action to keep these titles on top of that is effectively devastating to gaming history. We encourage ESA members like Nintendo to rethink their position on this issue and work with existing institutions to find a solution.

Difficult position to defend?

As shown, It’s not the closing of these online stores that VGHF regretsit is a fact that Nintendo hasn’t – yet – announced an alternative to the 2000s or so survival games that can be purchased on these platforms.. A real treasure is in danger of disappearing forever, because these things are only on the Internet, and if you don’t have them on your devices, they can never be found. Moreover, if you are a fan of licensing PokemonAnd the We urge you to quickly download Pok√©mon Bank to your device to save your collections And be able to transfer everything to your Nintendo Switch, or via pokemon go.

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However, closing these online stores is a common practice when you are a company of this size. Maintaining an active online platform has a significant cost, both economic and environmental, Large server services required. But the most dangerous: VGHF also notes that Nintendo is an active and influential member of the Entertainment Software Association. An American political organization responsible for protecting video game companies, and serving as a copyright compliance watchdog, on Different Games Rating (PEGI) But also about controlling the appropriate content on the Internet and In general, for the commercial and general needs of companies producing video games. An organization that therefore works against the free distribution of video game heritage.

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