Japanese tuning “destroys” a special icon

If you think there is no way to make a Ferrari more aggressive yet, take a look at what this Japanese tuner has done for its Ferrari Destroza.

Ferrari Destroza (YouTube)

A good sports car tuner can change that A casual looking car in a racing car. Can change a better tuner Even a super car Within something more unique.

That is what the Japanese were able to do Kazuki Osashi From a dream car he brought something truly incredible with some, significant changes.

Owned by Osashi Ferrari Destrosa Since 1999, the famous car that appeared in the TV series “Miami Vice”

Not all tuners have the courage to touch a similar car that is currently fluctuating 90,000 to 200,000 euros And much preferred by collectors.

It takes a very special person And with extreme cold Plan the tuning of a Ferrari Destroza. To think that the idea came to Osashi in a completely random way.

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Tuning was born out of a Ferrari poster

Bad Ferrari
Osashi’s Testarosa (Pinterest)

The brilliant Osashi planned the changes made to the car With the poster of the car: Man armed with a pair of scissors Cut and pasted Until an overview of how to replace the car is available.

From the paper, he went for the screws and bolts – a very significant change Suspended, Modified in the Process model, which gives the car the same ground clearance as a lorry driver.

Following that, Osashi noticed the purchase New tires From the Modena Highway, to redistribute the weight and trim slightly wider at the rear.

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Finally, New wide edges and original wing This is subject to some changes.

The man said he did not want to touch the machine for two reasons: First, out of fear Destroy a miracle Ferrari dynamics and secondly change is purely aesthetic.

With some intervention, Osashi replaced this testosterone In the more exotic car We can honestly say that it is not easy.

Who knows what Maranello thinks about these interventions.

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