Jeff Group – For, Fable and Perfect Dark will not be on the Xbox & Bethesda showcase

Reporter Jeff Grupp said he was convinced Myth And Perfect darkness Will not be displayed onXbox & Bethesda Showcase 12 June. The Group did not provide a number of explanations in this regard, but given his knowledge of the Microsoft environment, he may have received some explicit and precise hints in this regard, given the luxury security.

But I have to say that he talked about both games in response to those who asked him in advance about the event. The group said it knew practically nothing because Microsoft would cover it with both hands so nothing would leak out. The group also knew the contents of the entire summer event last year, while he only knew the names of the two games that were excluded this year.

In fact, he said that Minecraft has a real-time strategy and that it should be on last year’s show, but did not specify whether it will be featured on this year’s show.

what to say? Many will definitely be waiting for both Fable and Perfect Dark, but I have to say that both are still immature, so it will take some time for them to show up. However, there was still hope to know something, but apparently this was not the right time.

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Veronica Tucker

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