Johnny English Returns: Rowan Atkinson had a unique tool designed for the movie

Rowan Atkinson allowed himself a bit of a whim during the production of “Johnny English, Back.” The actor, a true car enthusiast, asked to drive a unique Rolls-Royce in the movie.

Johnny English, Back : spy but not much

Nine years after his first adventures, MI7’s strangest secret agent returns to the cinema in 2011 Johnny English, Back. Rowan Atkinson wears a spy costume so stupid That phlegm resumes service to the four pillars of the planet.

After a disastrous assignment in Mozambique, Johnny English retires to a monastery in Tibet. Five years after this fiasco, he is assigned a particularly perilous mission by Pegasus (Gillian Anderson), the leader of MI7.

With the help of his new partner Colin Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya), he must English Disassemble a small group called the “vortex”., who plots to assassinate the Chinese Prime Minister. During the investigation, the two assistants discover that one of the terrorists is part of the British Intelligence Service. Despite his proven and at least astonishing abilities, Johnny English is far from imagining he has multiple trains behind a mole…

Johnny English, Back © StudioCanal

Rosamund Pike and Dominic West complete the crew of this opus that takes its hero on a journey between the UK, Hong Kong, Macau and Switzerland. In 2018, Rowan Atkinson once again became Her Majesty’s last hope in Part Three, Johnny English responds.

A more modern suite

While johnny english Multiplied by silly and sometimes outdated situations, this sequel wants it to be more modern. asked by Live Cinema Studio During filming, director Oliver Parker assured us that this approach was necessary in light of the development of spy cinema, then marked by the trilogy. Jason Bourne The first two episodes of James Bond Worn by Daniel Craig:

The first movie had a more Roger Moore tone while this one has a more exciting side and a more modern style. The context of the story is more serious. The situations in which Johnny English develops are more complex and dangerous.

Changes are also made More advanced tools. This for example is the case of an armed and unrestricted wheelchair, where Johnny English crosses the streets of London well above the authorized speed.

A unique Rolls Royce

The other major feature of Johnny English in the movie is his car, which also helps him push the limits of his vision. After the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, the spy is now found Driving a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. A true car enthusiast and outstanding driver, Rowan Atkinson explains this choice he cited Lorient Le Jour :

I found the Aston Martin-James Bond phenomenon to be a bit warm… which is why I went to buy a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. A rolling monument that I especially like.

To complete this decision, the actor wants Giving a ‘unique characteristic’ to the craft, which only interacts with Johnny English’s voice in the feature film. Declares:

When BMW acquired Rolls-Royce at the turn of the last century, it was all about designing its most luxurious sedans. That’s why the engineers developed an exceptional engine, a V16 with a capacity of 9 liters. This engine gave unprecedented torque and power and a few examples were built.

But the manufacturer ultimately prefers to abandon this engine. After discovering his existence, Rowan Atkinson introduces himself The luxury of having one installed under the car hood Johnny English, Back :

I asked the BMW employees to equip the Phantom Coupe with one of these for my movie. What they accepted without a problem, especially since the motor fits easily in the hood: the Phantom was designed to be equipped in this way! To drive, it’s a real treat for smoothness and strength!

A small whim that apparently allowed him to combine business with pleasure …

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