Jurassic Park has real dinosaurs? This is possible according to Elon Musk’s business partner

Businessman Elon Musk – Zuma / Starface

According to Max Hodak, Commercial Partner ofElon Musk to
Neuralink, To create
Jurassic Park With real dinosaurs, as in a cult movie
Steven Spielberg Released in 1993, and its sequel, it will be possible. The scientist has already raised such a possibility
Twitter“We can probably build a Jurassic Park if we want to,” explaining. They wouldn’t be genetically purebred dinosaurs, but maybe with 15 years of breeding and engineering we could have new exotic species. ”However, while the idea looks promising, it hasn’t excited everyone.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic associated with the new coronavirus. I don’t think anyone wants to create new species. I like the idea of ​​dinosaurs, but I think it should be kept for virtual reality and theme parks. ” WorryRight, surfer.

not now

If Elon Musk leaves the door open for the dinosaurs to return to Earth without going any further, it may be because they are occupying another place, not because of morality or common sense. Neuralink has already broadcast a video of a monkey playing video games with the simple will of his brain thanks Transplanted slice.

The goal of course is not to be able to play the PS5 hands-free, but to improve the daily lives of people with disabilities. theoretically.

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