Jurassic World Primal Ops – New mobile action and adventure game coming soon!

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As Jeff Goldblum aptly said, “Life always finds a way!”. And after invading consoles and computers, dinosaurs will once again wreak havoc on our smartphones in a brand new game! In fact, today Behavior Interactive and Universal Games unveiled Jurassic World Primal Ops, a free-to-play mobile adventure where players can save, collect and fight alongside their favorite dinosaurs!

With a planned launch soon iOS and on robotThe game will put players in the shoes of a battle-ready dinosaur breeder who will use their skills to free them from their enemies and establish a peaceful coexistence with humans.

in Primary Operations in Jurassic WorldDinosaurs occupied the Earth like millions of years ago. Although their comeback is respected by many, others are taking the opportunity to unleash their greed. In the game, players can only save the dinosaurs from the second extinction. As battle-ready dinosaur breeders, their mission is to travel across North America, in order to save dinosaurs from terrible mercenaries, bloodthirsty hunters and evil labs.

Fortunately, they can summon their newly rescued comrades to fight on their side. Thanks to their unique abilities, these allied dinosaurs can conquer all obstacles standing in their way and reverse the course of any mission. Whether it’s trampling Triceratops, refueling with a Tyranodon, or an omnipotent T-Rex, each dinosaur rescued brings a new dynamic to the battlefield.

Jurassic World Primal Ops takes players deeper into the Jurassic World franchise, deepening their relationship with dinosaurs in a whole new way. Jim Mollins, Senior Vice President of Production, Global Games and Digital Platforms. ” The game reflects the brand’s distinctive narrative approach, intense action, engaging environments and diverse characters. It promises to attract fans new and old alike. ยป

Primary Operations in Jurassic World It will be available soon at iOS and on robot. The latest movie in the franchise Jurassic World Dominion It will premiere in theaters on June 10, 2022.

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