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Game Informer has shared a new one Sports videos at the Elton RingShows us the conflict with The giant bear, Who is ready to tear you apart with his attacks and grips. You can watch the video above.

Precisely, the game video begins Minutes 1:20. The character of Elton Ring, initially, explores an open area with Toronto, Mount, but then there is a detachment, and we come into conflict with the giant bear, which he had already had the opportunity to see some time ago. Official images shared by FromSoftware.

The video hides the interface, so we have no way of looking at all the details of the fight like the amount of damage caused by Giant Bear, but the most interesting thing in this case is watching some Elton Ring game. There Organism It is huge, aggressive, has a remarkable attack range for its long legs, and can develop a grip that crushes our character.

It is not clear whether this is a true boss or a “only” powerful adversary, but certainly a promise based on Giant Bear difficulty. If you’re interested in watching the Elton Ring, here’s the Kamble video showing Castle Morne.

In addition, Elton Ring director George RR said he would be “shocked” to see what Miyazaki did to the Martin characters.

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