Kensington UH1400P review: The USB-C hub does it all

The Kensington UH1400P Credit Card is 5.2 cm wide (5.2 cm) long and 10.5 cm long, yet is thick enough (1.2 cm) to integrate an RJ45 port. The generous long (22 cm) USB-C cable is unfortunately neither detachable nor braided.
The chassis is decorated with a plastic insert in the RJ45 jack and the gray color is reminiscent of Apple MacBooks.

The connection consists of two USB ports and an SD / MicroSD card reader on one side. On the other hand, we find the HDMI port, the USB port and the USB-C Power Delivery port. The RJ45 port on the opposite end of the USB cable completes this provided connection.

Let’s now separate the standards that are compatible with these ports. USB devices are compliant with the USB 3.2 standard (5 Gb/s) up to a theoretical 600 Mb/s. The card reader complies with the UHS-1 standard and therefore should reach 104MB/s. The HDMI port is announced by Kensington as an HDMI 2.0 port, and therefore should support 4K definition at 60Hz. The RJ45 port is a gigabit standard and therefore should be close to 120MB/s; Enough to take full advantage of the fiber connection. Finally, the USB-C Power Delivery port can support charging up to 85W, for proper ultraportable operation, for example.

After ordering the Kensington hub for a very long time, passing to the thermal camera reveals a uniform temperature of just under 39°C. Not to worry, the chassis is warm to hold, but not hot.

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