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NThe hotel quarantine in Melbourne before the start of the Australian Open is not only a burden on tennis professional Angelic Kerber, but also on her friends and acquaintances. “Some of the people on my phone list are very happy when I leave my quarantine. Because they weren’t completely safe from my calls,” the 33-year-old told FFH.

Her cell phone helped Kerber survive a 14-day quarantine in her hotel room. “The most important thing for me is that my phone is charged all the time,” she said. A player from Kiel is one of 72 players currently not allowed to leave their hotel rooms due to infections on board flights to this year’s first Grand Slam. In addition to the intense phone calls, the 2016 Australian Open winner spends time by “playing backgammon with friends and watching Netflix” online.

Most tennis professionals are allowed to leave their rooms for five hours a day after entering Australia and training for the Australian Open, which begins on February 8th. Kerber was not one of them.

In light of the unfavorable preparations, Kerber stressed again, “I don’t expect much from myself. I miss two weeks of training. I have to take it and try to get the most out of it.” The Australian Open starts on February 8th. The quarantine period should end on Friday.

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