Khaby Lamma launches her online store

His name is lame Khabi Lame And, like James Bond, he has a group of fans who find him irresistible. Not only that, now they can always have it with them, because the influencer is ready to be launched Shop onlinewhere they will be Tools and clothes his face.

The news will make a lot of happiness, since the young woman Star D Tik Tok, only 21 years old, has a social profile which in July 2021 alone had 83 million followers. A real record, which made him the most followed tiktoker in the world, second only to dance performer Charlie D’Amelio. On this platform, Lame welcomes Gianluca Vacchi and Chiara Ferragni, to say, they don’t even come close to those numbers.

Thus, after conquering the people of TikTok, Hebei Lameh is preparing to do the same with the e-commerce world. It’s already online unprofilo social khabi shopThere are no items to purchase yet. In short, it is just a matter of waiting, because very soon it will be possible to shop online with the Khabi Lame theme.

But what can you do Buy from the siteWhen will it be completed and officially released? At the moment, there are no rumors about it, but it is possible that there are clothes, fashion accessories and various things. The Khabi’s face and name logo must be present on all samples, whatever the article.

Who is Xabi Lam, the king of Tik Tok?

He is 21 years old, parents are of Senegalese origin, but He lives with his family in Italy Since he was one year old. Yes, Xabi Lamy is a resident of our country, namely in Chivasso, in the province of Turin. Simona Ventura’s home, too.

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tiktoker became popular thanks to a simple and cool idea, an idea Making videos in response to the craziest clips From the online platform. On the Internet, as we know, there is no shortage of subjects ready to do anything to make visualizations. Even at the expense of transgressing idiocy.

Well, Khabe Lam became Robin Hood by everyone else. Those who find it unreasonable to chop a banana with an ax or walk on their hands to avoid getting their shoes wet in a puddle of water. With His expression is unemotional and desperateXabi took on the role of a rational hero and became very popular all over the world.

Give March 2020 tiktoker publishes silent but highly understandable videos in every corner of the world. His face and hands became famous in no time. On YouTube, in the TikTok Stars channel, entire groups dedicated to his exploits appear.

Perhaps the network, a little tired of excessive stupidity, decided to reward those who choose simplicity with a tasteful, disrespectful attitude. Who knows what it will be reaction After the opening of the shop Khabe lame. Hate or love?

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