Kids claim: Neil Patrick Harris is on the phone a lot

Should Neil Patrick Harris, 48, put his cell phone aside more often? The How I Met Your Mother star has eight million followers on social media — and works hard to keep them entertained. In fact, the actor hit 1000 last weekend. He put the post online on his Instagram channel. While the TV star thinks this anniversary should be celebrated, his children disagree: Find twins: Dad spends a lot of time on his mobile phone.

employment Instagram subscriber Nile Patrick posted a video showing him and his offspring. The clip was called “My 1,000th Post” and in fact he began declaring, beaming, that this was a special moment. Apparently, the 48-year-old had hoped that Harper, 11, and Gideon, 11, would also celebrate with their parents – but they mistakenly thought. “Stop staring at your phone all the time”He wanted his son from him. Twin sister Harper added: “Yes, spend more time with us.” Apparently, the two didn’t mean it seriously – after all, they grinned at the camera.

Just over a week ago, the twins also had plenty of reasons to celebrate. Harper and Gideon were 11 years old. “Thank you for setting your own boundaries, for protecting each other and for making your dad and I laugh […] and amazes”He wrote a picture of them.

Neil Patrick Harris at CNN Heroes 2015
Neil Patrick Harris with his children Harper and Gideon in June 2021
Neil Patrick Harris Harper and Gideon were born in October 2021
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