Knockout City: Hacked Season 3 – History, Trailer & More

Season 3 of Knockout City is coming October 5th! Source: EA / Velan Studios

Attention Knockout City fans! We now know that the third season of the youth sports game from Velan Studios and publisher EA will start on October 5, 2021. Knockout City Season 3 is called “Hacked” and of course it will add some new features and content to the game.

“Season 3 is coming, but not without a mistake or two. No one knows exactly where they come from, but Z3R0 and his all-seeing eye have been popping up around town for a few weeks now. In season three, you can finally see yourself when you take the reins Things are, right in front of everyone. It’s time for the Brawlers to come together and fight for their city. Together.” — This is how EA announces the backstory for the plot in Knockout City Season 3.

However, as of October 5th, you and your fellow gamers can find out exactly what the Z3RO is all about and have an eye. Not only did Z3R0 break through the city’s billboards, it’s also brought an abandoned shipyard on the coast back online as an all-new “Lockdown Throwdown” map, which you’ll of course compete against with opposing teams. With surveillance drones and security towers to contend with, you’ll even have more than just the other team in your sights if you want to win here.

This brings you ‘Hacked’ Season 3

‘Hacked’ clothes and pieces of equipment come into play with Season 3 – relevant in terms of theme – as well as a greater and better chance for your crew to appear in style in matches. With a shiny new motorcycle crew ride and all-new crew horns, it’s easy to make sure you’re seen and heard when you show up in a brawl.

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Season 3 introduces a new season of league games, a brand new Brawl Pass with exclusive rewards, a new Deep Space Dispatch audio broadcast to reveal the truth behind Z3R0, and many new seasonal events, each with their own new game mode. Don’t Miss Anything: Be There When Season 3 begins October 5th, EA continues to announce.

Knockout City Season 3 – Hacked Launch Trailer

Take a first look at Season 3 – the all-new launch trailer has been hacked.

How do you like the new setting? Are you looking forward to the new map?


How do you like the new setting? Are you looking forward to the new map?x

About Knockout City

Knockout City has been available since May 21, 2021 and can be tried for free until Street Rank 25. Cross-play and progression available across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S through backward compatibility.

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