Kojima Productions, news coming tomorrow? Teaser message from Forcecell

Introduced Kojima Productions As an independent software house he marketed the epic of Sam Porter Bridges, first described on PS4 and later on PC, Death Stranding.

Now, the developer team is headed Hideo Kojima It seems ready to take another important step. In December last year, the father Metal gear Saga confirmedWork on Kojima Productions’ next game will begin. As for the nature of the project, the software house did not offer any expectations, but now it may be time to learn more. The first seed of suspicion was planted by Shingawa, who recently talked about one The announcement of Kojima Productions is coming very soon. But now it seems. “Very early“It really was!

Stimulates public interest Ludwig Force, Audio director at Kojima Productions and composer for a part of the Death Stranding soundtrack. In fact, a brief but suggestive message comes from the pages of the video game world’s leading player’s Twitter account: Important news tomorrow. Needless to say, Twitter sparked great expectations and interest It does not contain direct references to the emergence of a new game. However, the tweet was quickly shared with suspicious actions Jeff Keekley, conductor Sports Awards, Which received an intriguing twitter from Forceell. However, after the first message, the composer released a second tweet, with which he announces himself Is amazing Of the echo derived from its expectation.

However, to find out more about what Force has for the public, you have to wait a few hours.

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Veronica Tucker

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