Kristel (Koh-Lanta, the legend) denies Candice’s words and explains her vote

has been eliminated Koh Lanta, the legend On September 28 thanks to a vote by her ally Kristel, Candice confirmed that the latter had made a deal with Claude before the match began, and the person in question vehemently denied the comments.

employment Koh LantaAnd Board betrayals are often built on yesterday’s promises. After the break between the red adventurers last week, the highly controversial Women’s Alliance crashed into the yellow camp in an episode Koh Lanta, the legend Aired on Tuesday 28th September. Candidates first began tearing themselves up in camp when Claude discovered the pot of roses, and he criticized Candice Compa for not assuming he was the instigator of this strategy. Then, when the team lost the immunity test, we saw the yellow version of petty betrayals between friends.

Secret alliance between Claude and Kristel?

During the surprise council, Compa, who had promised to never put a woman’s name on the ballot, voted against Candice and Christelle against Clemence. Last after she opened her immune collar, everything next happened between Candice and Sam. And finally it was the young skater, after a fatal strategic mistake, who was eliminated… He was pushed toward the exit by her allies yesterday Kumba and Kristel, who sided with the boys camp. Especially disappointed by Kristel’s vote, who she thought was close to camp, Candice confirmed that the latter actually has Agreement with Claude, perhaps before the start of the adventure, in an interview with TV mag. Words that were not to the taste of the main meaning.

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“I did not form an alliance before the match with Claude”

In her Instagram Stories, on Wednesday, September 29, Kristel thought a little about Candice, who wrote her a message of peace: “Candice, I was obviously in a lot of pain making this vote… and you know why… even if it’s just a game… strategies always hurt… on both sides.But the adventure also vehemently denied the allegations of her former teammate: “Hey Candice, I was not pleased you knew that, but My future in the game depended on my position at this point in the game, and in any case, I had not formed a pre-match alliance with Claude nor anyone else. Prohibited by regulations Koh Lanta who i respect. Explanations commented by her friend Jade: “We all know Barr my Crystal.” Move over, there’s nothing to see then.

‘Strategies are constantly questioned’

Kristel was heavily criticized on social networks for her betrayal of the Women’s Alliance and voted against Candice in the last episode of the show, justifying her strategy at her expense. Koh Lanta It is a game where we have to eliminate ourselves and try to maintain our position to advance in the game. Exactly what was happening in my life, but I could not refuse to participate because this adventure in 2008 changed my life. So I accepted the rules even if I was very upset in human terms! The rules have additionally changed significantly over the years: necklaces, amulets, etc. ! Plus social networks! Viewers have no hindsight for the game, strategies are constantly questioned! Especially with legendary adventurers who know how this show works! who remember themselves that they made unfortunate alliances or underwent them in their previous adventures… It is also for this reason that adventurers cannot hold grudges against each other because each of us was and will face the elimination that he ‘will face’. To do it reluctantly…because in the end there will only be one left! And do not see everything on the screen. Keep calm and smile! ” Candidate Books. Will you get the message across to fans of the TF1 show?

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