La Rochelle: Desktops and Monitors, the Heavyweight of the Carbon Footprint

Fixed computer monitors consume the most energy and represent a large portion of CDA La Rochelle’s carbon footprint. (© DR.)

if it was Digital It is an important support tool in strategy zero carbonit is also a sourceCO2 انبعاثات emissions. To implement an effective emissions reduction strategy, a digital CO2 emissions assessment was conducted in ADCbut also La Rochelle.

The results show a large discrepancy between emissions relating to uses and those attributable to physical equipment.

680 tons per year

Figure: 680. This is the result of this assessment, which is set for 2020. The entire La Rochelle region thus consumes 680 tons of CO2 equivalent per year.

This particular assessment shows that computer manufacturing is responsible for 54% of CDA emissions. Meanwhile, the use of digital technology accounts for 46%. Thus these are the two largest weights of energy consumption in the region.

So 680 tons may not talk to you. This number corresponds to 94 flights around the world, or 100 years of individual heating, or even the annual carbon footprint of 70 Rochelais.

“We recognized that it was monitors that had a lot of weight on this balance sheet, both in manufacturing and in their use.”

Marie NdelekDeputy Mayor of La Rochelle in charge of digital.

The region as a whole contains 2,500 computers and more than 3,400 monitors. The emission factor of the screen is twice that of a laptop. Hence, Marie Ndelek would like to reduce the number of screens by promoting the use of laptop computers.

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The race to reduce

In La Rochelle, the municipal state is mainly focused on this topic, in particular with the “LRTZC” project (La Rochelle Zero Carbon Territory in 2040). Therefore, the elected official in charge of digital affairs has detailed various means of action to reduce the conglomerate’s carbon footprint.

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“We aim to reduce CO2 emissions from the Territory by 100 per year by 2026, which is the end date of the current mandate.”

To do this, the CDA will change its purchasing policy. “We will initially prioritize reuse and extend the life of the materials, from 5 years to 6 years, but also to select equipment with labels that guarantees longer life, better repairability and is more energy efficient.”

Note that the city and CDA will be fully invested during the Global Cyber ​​Cleanup Day which will take place from 14-19 March. During the 2020 and 2021 editions, this National Day enabled La Rochelle to save 73 and 54.9 tonnes of CO2-eq respectively.

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