LastPass Password Manager: A major attack on master passwords

A hacker targeted the popular password manager LastPass. According to the company reports, strangers are trying to access login data that is managed online. It appears that passwords that come from other data leaks are being used.

LastPass users first discovered unusual activity and discussed password management problems on social networks. Now it is clear: strangers are trying to break into the accounts. LastPass, on request Online Magazines AppleInsider They responded for more information and shared the results so far:

LastPass has investigated recent reports about blocked login attempts and we believe this activity was related to an attempt at ‘credential stuffing’, where a malicious or malicious actor attempts to access user accounts (in this case LastPass) by email – addresses have been obtained. and passwords used from third party breaches in connection with other unaffiliated services.

It is important to note that, at this time, we have no evidence that the accounts were successfully accessed or that the LastPass service was hacked by an unauthorized party. We regularly monitor these types of activities and will continue to take steps to ensure LastPass, its users, and their data remain safe and secure. ”

Data from other hackers

So it’s not about a vulnerability in LastPass itself, instead unknown hackers trying to access LastPass accounts using passwords that come from security breaches in other services. Hackers hope that a password will be used for the master password, which has also been used for other services. With such measures, logins are collectively tested until they lead to success.

If you are concerned about your data in LastPass, you can reset your master password as a precaution.

Loading LastPass – Online Password Manager

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