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Introduced at Haie Griselle, PLANITE, in collaboration with the Universities of Lorraine and Toulouse III (via its computer research lab), has been offered to reach all students from kindergarten to classroom.

DANE (Academic Delegation for Digital Education) was present at the Haie Griselle school complex as part of PLANETE (Lorrain Digital Ambition in Districts of Education). This project, co-funded by the European Union, FEDER-FSE Lorraine and Massif des Vosges, aims to put digital technology at the service of student success, to advance the mission of accompanying and supporting the Nancy Metz Academy for the profound transformations of our educational system using the possibilities offered by digital technology in teaching practices.

jordan barber

jordan barber

for presenting the planet at Gerrarmer, as DANE Jean-Albert Fofano, Deputy Academic Delegate for Digital Affairs, and Jordan Barbier, Senior Coordinator Num . Lab (Digital Laboratory) established in Feuerbach. The duo went to meet with teachers and heads of institutions in the sector in order to discuss the use of digital technology and identify the needs of users. Nearly 80 teachers have participated in the workshops offered as part of the fair use that offers innovative digital and educational resources.

Jordan Barbier also provided some examples of DANE’s achievements at Forbach, in order to support the school’s transformation through research. The latter mentioned creating an automated community of 10 teachers. Together with their students, they presented their robotic achievements in the form of choreography for Thymio robots. The work was crowned with success as its first edition was logically renewed this year with 24 teachers with a theatrical performance. The robots will actually be dressed in recycled materials and placed on a set set against a green background. We can’t wait to see this!

Soon, that’s 15 litersAB number It will be installed throughout the academy grounds, including 5 in Vosges and one in the Haie Griselle school complex. A lot of equipment will be provided to schools, whether it’s computers or digital tablets, but also robots, sensors, virtual reality headsets, cameras and other video capture tools. Director Laurent Bellin, who has responded to the call for projects for Service Enterprises (Hi Grisel is called “Espace Service Jeunesse”), was enthusiastic about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching operations next May. This space that will see the light of day with several hubs, including the digital hub, should be Ready to work next September.

Planet Lauren’s Digital Aspirations Lands Project for Education advances the mission of accompanying and supporting the Nancy Metz Academy to the profound transformations of our education system using the capabilities that digital technology brings into teaching practices.

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