Laval: Ten years of twists and turns to build the Espace Mayenne

On Wednesday, June 30, Espace Mayenne will host its first event. (© Le Courrier de la Mayenne)

Wednesday 30 June٣٠ Tour de France It will be the first event hosted inMayen space. This event-oriented cultural, sports and facility consists of three rooms: the Mayen Room which can accommodate up to 4,500 people (in a sports event version), the Pegasus Room (1,800 seats) and the Conference Hall (500 people).

Between site selection, fossils, failed bid and covid, It will take ten years to build.

Jane Artis, then the head of the department board, launched the idea of ​​a small Zenit.

September 6, 2013
After several delays, the Ferry County selection was confirmed. The project, whose value was then estimated at between 20 and 25 million euros, is expected to arrive at the end of 2016.

1he is June 2015
Architecture firm Isabelle Herault and Yves Arnaud of Paris have been selected to participate in 139 projects. The project lost two years due to the relocation of the virtual reality city which is finally located in Technopol.

Then the delivery was estimated for the spring of 2018. And the envelope also swelled, increasing to 37 million euros.

September 2016
During preventive excavations, INRA discovers traces of Gaul life. Additional excavations will be carried out by Drac between February and April 2017.

July 2017
Launching the first call for bids. The first axes are then scheduled to be laid out in the fall, with deliveries in mid-2019.

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November 2017
Espace Mayenne was delayed another six months due to a problem with the call for bids. The interim budget was exceeded by 12.5% ​​and one piece remained unanswered. A second tender for the half-lot was re-tendered on 30 November. Delivery is envisaged this time for Spring 2020.

12 July 2018
Laying the first stone. Then the cost of the Espace Mayenne rose to 40 million euros, including the circuit, an option that was officially verified in July.

December 2018
The SPL was created that will run the operation of the Espace Mayenne.

April 2019
The company chose to opt out of the bicycle ring due to the technical nature of the site. This split does not call into question the calendar that already mentioned delivery in the fall of 2020.

March 2020
The health crisis stops and then slows down the site, which is three months behind schedule.

June 22, 2021
The Safety Committee gives the go-ahead for the opening of the Espace Mayenne.

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