“Laval Virtual Festival” invites you to experience “Hado” a prisoner’s bullet in augmented reality.

The “Laval Virtual FestivalIt opened on Saturday 3rd July. 70 Animations About virtual reality and augmented reality until July 11. Have an immersive escape game at the Tourist Office in Laval, a paragliding simulator in Espace Mayenne or “Hado” in Scomam. lu “hado”It’s like a prisoner’s bullet but in augmented reality.

You have two teams in the field. The principle is simple: you have to hit your opponents with fireballs, obviously throwing nothing but رمي On the giant screenAbove the field, we see fireballs spinning and players can also see them in their masks.

Blue and Violet Fireballs and Shields

We start with the mask. You have to raise your fist, and give a punch to shoot a fireball. When we put the arm along the leg, it holds a green bar and when it is loaded, we raise our fist and there we put a shield ‘, explains Stéphane Gardelin of Hado sport.

When everyone is ready, Hugo can start the game and comment on it, like a soccer match.

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David won a match with his team. He was testing for the first time His “hado”. “It’s a very good find, very interesting. We lose a bit, it’s a sport, we have to avoid it, move on. This shows that augmented reality is not only an armchair, in front of a screen‘, this is considered a resident of Laval.

According to Hado Sport, it is an activity to practice from the age of 7. © Radio France
Auror Richard

It’s a sport in itself in Japan, and with us, it’s in the process of being regulated. Clubs have been established in Lyon, Burnique, San Rafael and Soon in Laval. There is even a French Hado team and European and world championships.

If you want to audition, this animation will remain at Scomam de Laval until Wednesday 7 July, as part of the “Laval Virtual Festival” and there will also be Championship that day.

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