League of Legends Netflix series “Arcane” begins after LoL Worlds

Jinx is one of the League of Legends characters that appears in the new Netflix series Arcane. Source: Netflix, Riot Games

Riot Games and Netflix just announced it mysterious, the first League of Legends The Riot Games series will release on Sunday, November 7th at 3:00 PM. The series begins just a few hours after the end of LoL Worlds 2021 on Netflix.

Arcane is divided into three acts, each with three episodes. The first three episodes focus on the beginnings of the Jinx and VI sisters and will be released on November 7. The series premiere will be the focus of a global celebration for League of Legends IP fans.

mysterious trailer

You can watch the trailer for the LoL Netflix series here:

Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games:

“Players around the world love the league and the universe. Your passion for designing Runeterra inspires us to do justice to our fan base. The Arcane release marks the beginning of the next chapter for Riot and we can’t wait for players to see what we have in store for them in the gaming, entertainment and sports fields. To celebrate this moment, we’re putting the player on At the heart of a great experience. The World Cup and Arcane will unite in a unified global festival that brings competition, entertainment and community together in a whole new way. You can think of it as a great weekend for players.”

That’s what Arcane is all about

Based on the world of League of Legends, Arcane delves into the delicate balance between the rich city of Piltover and its unnatural, shady side of Zaun. It is known throughout Runeterra as the “City of Progress” and many of the most intelligent minds make their homes in this twin city. But the invention of Hextech, a method by which everyone can control magical energy, threatens that balance. Arcane not only sheds light on the backstory of League of Legends champions, but is designed in such a way that it presents itself as a complex world filled with moral decisions, amazing animations, and exciting stories.

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Christian Link, co-creator of Arcane:

“When we set out to produce Arcane, we knew we were getting to something very special in the story of Jinx and Vi. We wanted to investigate what you would do for your family, what values ​​you might compromise and the struggles you might endure. It would provide the story, along with the style of the drawn art. The handcrafted and meticulous character animations we developed in collaboration with SFortiche provide a comprehensive look at the world of League of Legends.”

Players will see some familiar faces in Arcane, such as Jinx, Vi, Jayce, and Caitlyn, and learn more about the events that made them the iconic heroes as we know them today. You’ll also meet some new faces like Vander and Silco, both natives of Zaun who play an important role in shaping the developing world.

Alex Ye, co-creator of Arcane:

“Mysterious is a story of duality. How the characters split into two halves of a city whose values ​​and potentials contrast but complement each other. Each has its own advantages and weaknesses. You may be the hero in your story, but the villain in someone else’s story.”

The heroes in Arcane are those that Riot Games players loved. They should feel very familiar, but there may be some differences as the heroes have been adapted to the format of the series. The series will explore the extremes that characters go to when family and traditions conflict with their principles and beliefs. Their personal struggles affect the world in ways they never expected and shape the future of the Twin Cities.

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