Lego, NASA’s space shuttle discovery now built of 2,300 bricks –

For space enthusiasts, having a spaceship at home will soon be patient in putting the bricks together. Lego will be selling the new set from April 1st, For the adult audience, it should be created Space shuttle Discovery della NASA, SDS-31 mission spacecraft In 1990 it brought the Hubble telescope into orbit. By d 2,300 pieces Must have assembled to recreate the most faithful and comprehensive version. Therefore the main and secondary machines used for maneuvering in orbit are easily identified. Or control surfaces on the tail or wings that are actually used for the subtle movements of the spacecraft in space. The tail rudder used to brake when landing is easy to identify.

Wealth of details

But must be very detailed Interior of spacecraft invention. Five seats were fitted in the cockpit. The central deck is reproduced in a precise manner, where lockers for work materials and equipment were located. Apparently, it can’t be seen The robot arm used to move the Hubble telescope Put it in space. In Lego reproduction, this last tool is very loyal to the original with its solar panels. The hubble can be left on the loading bay, attached to the robot arm or left as yet unnoticed as it is already in orbit.

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