LEGO® Trevi fountain leaves everyone breathless: twenty thousand bricks for a one-of-a-kind Italian work

Twenty Thousand LEGO Pieces® Interlocking, one by one, to rebuild the phenomenal Trevi Fountain from Rome. The author is the artist Maurizio LampisPresident of the Cultural Association Karalisbreak and founder of the Karalisbrick Brick Museum in Sesto.

The Trevi Fountain, a monumental work that opened in 1792, has always been a theater for filming (how can we forget the famous film by Federico Fellini) and a tourist destination appreciated by the whole world. It has already been reproduced on a small scale by Lego as part of the LEGO Collection®Architectural Engineering

But now it is huge, reconstructed to the smallest detail in more than 20 thousand pieces, a unique work of art that fascinates the world, with more than 150 thousand views on social networks.

The project started 5 months ago, driven by the desire to be creative One of the most important Italian landmarks – The author writes on Instagram – This comes after the construction in 2019 of the Chapel of Bonaria in Cagliari, the symbol of Sardinia. It took about 20,000 bricks to reproduce them as accurately as possible, they are in minifigure scale and have the following dimensions: 75cm wide x 50cm high with 70cm high at the highest point

It will be visible for a while at the Karalisbrick Brick Museum in Sestu before starting a Sardinia tour in the company of the Colosseum.

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All that remains is to admire the erotic photos.

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LEGO Trevi Fountain

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Sources: KaralisbricK / Facebook / KaralisbricK / Instagram

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